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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Here Comes The Bride

Hey guys, sorry for the extremely long delay, please allow me to explain.

I graduate June 20th! So while finishing up the loose ends of schooling, I literally have no spare time.

I've finished my cakes class, in which I'll post the pictures up on here in this post.

During my Advanced Cake class, I have completed a complete turn around from cake decorating, although I thought I started out pretty well, however, as the quarter progressed, so did my work.

The first picture is of a group cake that myself and 3 other teammates did, and the theme was "Vintage Wedding"
Top view of our cake; we chose to do a classic pearl and rose.
Side view, 100% Italian Buttercream.
The next cake we did as a group was much more challenging. We had to complete a sculpted cake. We originally decided on a dog, and actually stuck with it, but through the process it went from looking like a pig, to a turkey, and finally, kind of a dog. Not bad for our first try, but we definitely could have done better.
Yeah, that's all I can say.

And finally, this is my most prized cake, although the inside was Styrofoam, the outside was fondant, royal icing and gum paste. This was my final project, which I received an A on. It was inspired by my love out the outdoors.

I was most proud of this cake because of all the different techniques I learned and used. I became really happy with my airbrushing skills.

My next post is going to reveal my results on my exit exam, although most already know. Will post in couple hours!