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Friday, January 24, 2014

Heavy Hearts

Sorry it's been such a while. I started my new quarter in school, and have been extremely busy.

Couple things to catch up with:

For those of you that know, my dog has passed away recently. This was extremely hard on my family, but with the support from you all, it's been getting better. Emma is taking it surprisingly well, and reassuring all of us that Domino is feeling better and "Running with Jesus." Yeah. We had Domino cremated, and her ashes arrived yesterday in a beautiful cedar box, locked, with a tag of her name. The company, Peaceful Paws, also sent a clay imprint of her paw, and a precious heart filled with seeds to grow in memory of Domino. Peaceful Paws, along with Doctor Mesa who helped Domino pass on, are some of the most caring companies that we've ever dealt with, even in such a difficult time. We highly recommend, to any of those who are also in a similar, unfortunate situation.
Domino, right before Dr. Mesa came to the house
Domino's ashes, paw print and heart of seeds
Domino and I saying "See you later."

The family decided that it was time to finally start unpacking boxes sitting in the garage from when we moved, in hopes of finding our other dog's, Muffin, ashes. We did eventually find them, but not in one of the 19 boxes in the garage -.-. I did however, find something I've been WAITING to find. While we were moving, my Aunt Judi had given my dad a Kitchenaid mixer, and since I wasn't into culinary then, it didn't phase me, I honestly didn't even know that she had given us one until my dad said something a few months back. He then told me that it had been packed up in a box and since we moved, it was one of those boxes that we just left in the garage. Going through all those boxes, we found it and I was overly excited. It's so time consuming doing things by hand, and going to places that don't have a mixer is a pain, but now I have my very own, and I am stoked. I am really trying to find an excuse to do SOMETHING with that all I need are the badass attachments you can buy for it. Hmm...the juicer...the shredder...the ice cream bowl...the pasta press...possibilities are endless.

I will be posting another post in a bit catching up with school and such. I've got to put Emma down for the night, so give me about an hour. I have a lot of great photos that I can't wait to share with you all! Check back in about an hour!