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Sunday, December 8, 2013


The catering job at UCLA was a success! I was completely stressed out, but the help from everyone definitely helped me. Everything was amazing, and there was no "Plan B" put into action! I was also told personally by the cast and crew that everything was delicious on a whole new level, and was even asked for business cards. Here was the menu:


  • Bagels and other bread items for breakfast (this wasn't cooked by me as I got into LA at 3 AM the night before, breakfast at 5 was just unattainable.)
  • For lunch, a Mexican style taco bar with cilantro lime chicken, spiced pork, and mango lemon beef. Sides of Spanish rice and salad were also served. Devils food cupcakes were served as a dessert and it was also a crew members birthday.
  • For breakfast we did miniature pancakes on skewers with fresh berries
  • Lunch today was lasagna. A total of 5 lasagnas were made, 4 with an Italian sausage and ground beef meat sauce, and 1 spinach and veggie alfredo lasagna for the vegetarians of the C&C. A fresh garlic bread was also served and honestly disappeared within 10 minutes of being sliced and plated.
  • Only lunch today; baked garlic brown sugar chicken with a side of rosemary smashed potatoes that also were gone within seconds. A side salad was also served and roasted sprouts.
All in all, everything was amazing. This was my first time ever catering for a large group, and I was very pleased with everyone helping me and how the event turned out.

My special thanks:

  • Joe Orlando, for making this whole catering event possible for me, and allowing Emma and I to stay in his house and use his kitchen to make all this food.Also for letting Gema, Daniel and I watch him film part of this amazing movie. Everyone, remember his name, he'll be receiving an Oscar very soon, mark my words.
  • Jake Orlando, for calming me through all the chaos, and also picking me up and taking me back to the house. Your work and help definitely lessened stress, and I hope you know how much you really did.
  • Susan Kline, for helping me that first day, since I was solo, and also for watching Emma the rest of the days so I wasn't stressing about her. She was in good hands!
  • Gema Arreola, You calm me down, help me out and make me laugh all in the same time. I need you all the time!
  • Daniel (Last name) you definitely came in handy! Thanks for doing a lot of foot work and dirty work that Gema and I didn't want to do, you're amazing!
Here's some pictures for you guys:

Day 1; C&C preparing their plates 

Day 1; Taco bar.

Chicken, pork, beef and Spanish rice.

Pancake faces!

Cooking the pork.

Extremely cheesy lasagna.

Day 2; lasagna. Almost gone by the time I took this picture

Veggie lasagna, also almost gone.

Baked brown sugar and garlic chicken for day 3.