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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

T-minus 6 Days

I never thought I'd ever be saying "I'm a mother of a 3 year old." let alone saying it so quickly. Yeah, Ms. Emma Delaney turns 3 this upcoming Monday. How time flies...

She completely comprehends what a birthday is, trust that, but she's trying to get her head around what a 'theme' is. I've always been one to do themes, or try to at least. With her being only two, I kind of figured that I had to guide her in the direction of what I believe she would enjoy. Honestly, she probably wont care what it is, as long as there is cake and presents.

I first envisioned her party (which isn't much of a party, no ones coming over, so it's just the same 7 people she sees every day.) with the theme of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax because for the longest time, that has been her favorite movie. She liked the Lorax idea, and then wanted a Disney Princess/Lorax party, before switching to a Jack Skellington theme. Almost giving up, I tried to explain to her what "general/generic" means, a more broad theme perhaps. It was then that we chose our final theme:


Butterflies. Perfect. Me, being a closet-pinner and using Pinterest as a go-to for almost anything, already had it planned out within 10 minutes of her final answer. Since baking and pastry is my field, it's only natural that I prepare all the food, snacks, drinks and most definitely her cake. I've decided to do a beautiful lavender ombre rose cake with fondant butterflies scattered on the roses, and a royal icing "E" to top the cake off, also with a butterfly perched atop it. I'll also be baking a lot of butterfly sugar cookies and testing my new obsession with royal icing by decorating them with it.

As far as decoration, I've been spending my off hours cutting hundreds of paper butterflies with a hand punch I bought at Michael's. I'm going to string the butterflies into fishing line (6/strand) and hang them all through the house, so Emma is literally underneath a sky of butterflies. It should be really cute. If anyone else has any suggestions, please let me know. If not, I'll be sure to post pictures of all the prep work and the actual party, so keep tuned in!