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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flutter by, Butterfly.

It's nights like these where it hits me that Emma's birthday is 6 days away and I have all these mental ideas of what I want and then the sudden realization that I have to get it done, I'm on my own on this one!

me vigorously stringing the butterflies
I grabbed my hot pink kit, butterfly hole punch, 5 different colors cardstock, needle, fishing line and hot glue gun, ran into my cousin Alexa's room (because Em was sleeping, didn't want to wake her) and got busy.
I figured I could get about 20 butterflies from a single sheet of paper, then I had to thread the needle through them, fold them, and then string them onto the fishing line making sure to separate them with a dot of hot glue. This is sooooo time consuming. I sat there and punched about 30 sheets of paper and followed with the rest of the process for over 3 hours, and I came up with eight---yes, EIGHT strands of butterflies. My idea of making a hundred strands is definitely out the window.

They are really cute though, and I'm happy with them. Tomorrow, after my trip to the DMV, my whole day is dedicated to these flutter-by's.

finishing up a string.
Hey! Don't make fun of me! I had a long day at school, I was exhausted, it was 1 AM AND I was stringing butterflies. So what if I look like that? :p