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Monday, January 27, 2014

It's a Plane!

Emma has lots of fascinations, but one that seems to be the strongest is her fascination of planes. She of course has never been in or even around a plane of any size, but she can't seem to take her eyes off of them in the sky.

Living in the Inland Empire, were very close to the March Air Force Base Museum. My dad (a walking, talking History Channel) and I thought this past weekend would be a great time to take her. We both weren't busy, and really needed to get out of the house because of how dreary things have been lately.

It was pretty hot for being outside all day, but overall we had a good time, and I had the perfect opportunity to get pictures of Emma and her Papa together in a place where they were both awe-struck.

Emma couldn't believe that planes were so big, as I said before, she has only seen them in the sky. I'm not sure her brain related that even the ones in the sky were that big as well. She did get upset when I told her that she couldn't actually get IN a plane, let alone fly in one.

We spent about 2 and a half hours there, and most of the time I was listening, or hearing is a better word, talk about each and every plane and what it was used for and when it was used, and all that other good stuff.