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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Early Morning Confections

Happy Tuesday! I just got out of my early-morning management class, and am sleepily sitting in my truck (finally listening to KOST LA's Christmas music!) waiting for my next class; Chocolates & Confections. This week our team is doing a dry run for finals next week!
(cue the "Ohh's" and "Ahh's")

Our final menu consists of 5 items:
1. A hand-rolled truffle
2. A Ganache-filled chocolate
3. A batch of marshmallows
4. Some sort of a brittle
5. Either a chocolate box or showpiece to display our candies in/on.

Not nervous at all. Only thing that makes me nervous is, there is, at most, one mixer per team. With 6 teams of four, 6 mixers just isn't enough; especially for individual work. The school knows this too, but they throw the "Use your time management skills." at us. Boo.

Either way, I'm blessed to love what I do so much, that waking up at 5 am, after a rough night with Emma, doesn't phase me at all. Still just as excited to walk into class (and past that display case!)